MANUNET II is an ERA-NET launched on 1st April 2011 with a duration of 4 years. It is composed of 17 full partners and 8 associated partners, representing 12 countries and 11 regions.
MANUNET fosters the competitiveness of Europe’s Manufacturing Industry by supporting the funding of manufacturing research projects performed by enterprises (preferably SMEs), universities and research centers.
The objectives of MANUNET II are:

  • To constitute a Consortium with a wider coverage around Europe.
  • To improve cooperation and coordination among MANUNET II and national and regional programmes.
  • To improve cooperation and coordination among MANUNET II and the other initiatives at European level, such as the NMP calls, the "Factory of the Future" PPP and the other manufacturing related ERA-NETs.
  • To propose effective solutions for an integrated and sustainable European manufacturing programme based on national and regional funds and able to effectively complement the other European RTD support tools.
  • To carry out 4 new calls for proposals with a high cooperation among regions/countries, more funding by countries/regions and higher R&D investment mobilized.